No other way to finish the Feast. Piero Selvaggio says…

crostata1Caffe’ Sicilia is a magic place in a magic town, Noto, the baroque gem in Sicilia, between Catania and Siracusa.

Faith Willinger, the famous food books author, is writing a series about Sicilia for the Atlantic Food Channel and of course paid a visit to Caffe’ Sicilia; she calls it “the gastronomic shrine”. “Maestro Corrado” sat at her table.

Piero Selvaggio of Valentino restaurant, also is a fan. This is what he has to say about Corrado: …When you think of one of the greatest food professionals and maestro of the sweets, Corrado Assenza comes immediately to mind. He is an original, unique in his approach, techniques and profound knowledge of sicilian products. His creation are simple at first, yet complex in execution and originality. I have great memories of his torroni, the sorbetti, the marmelate, the ability to transport some of the best and original dolci in the world to our tables. to finish the feast. …

Now you know.

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  1. Troppa bontà, troppa benevolenza.
    Si quella di Faith e di Piero. Una grandissima e stimatissima amica da tanti anni e un conterraneo che meglio non può rendere omaggio e lustro alla sua Terra d’origine. Sono onorato e lusingato dei loro pareri. Allo stesso tempo ancora maggiormente responsabilizzato a mantener fede a quanti ci verranno a trovare a Noto delle loro parole.
    Grazie di cuore cari amici,

  2. Concordo pienamente, I fully agree, torroni of Caffe Sicilia are one of the very best pleasures.
    More, I met Corrado at a fiera some years ago, and I felt that they are exactly like their products are:
    genuini buoni e sinceri
    A great warranty of a way of making Pasticceria at the state of the art.
    I remember of a torrone with whole coffee beans inside: delicious.
    Manuel Terzi (Caffè Terzi Bologna)

  3. grazie Manuel. yes, that nougat is also delicious. it is made with blue mountain coffee beans. i will make sure the “Maestro” sees this comment.

  4. Jim Takita says:

    Is there a supply of tuna sperm at Gustiamo? I was watching Mr. Zimmern on Travel Channel where he is shown eating tuna sperm in Sicily. I’ve tried Bottarga which is too salty and fishy for me. I would like to try tuna sperm.

  5. Ciao Jim,
    Tuna sperm might be one of the few things we don’t carry at Gustiamo… from our fish ingredients repertoire, if you find bottarga too intense, have you tried colatura di alici? Anchovy sauce made from the dripping of the anchovies when they are put to cure in barrels, under sea salt:
    It’s a great condiment to add a touch of salinity to anything. We have recipes for you, if you need them.

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