Sicilian Almond Granita in a Jar

There’s a food that’s the universal symbol of summer in Italy: almond granita.

There’s a special almond granita that’s become much more than just a symbol, it’s become a destination, a reason in and of itself for traveling all the way to Sicily: THE Caffè Sicilia almond granita.

Have we found a way to bring such an ethereal food with a fleeting shelf life to the US? With the help of brilliant master pastry chef Corrado Assenza, we have.

Just a month ago we flew chef Corrado to the US, and had him spread Caffè Sicilia gospel from coast to coast. Now it’s time to make everyone’s granita dreams come true.

Master Assenza blended up his precious Romana almonds from Noto, some water, a pinch of sugar, and put this delicate sweet spread in a jar. We provide the mighty Caffè Sicilia Romana Almond Spread, you just need your freezer and some vigorous stirring. Boom! Granita magic in your kitchen.

Creamy yet light as a snowflake, rich yet never too sugary, Caffè Sicilia’s world famous almond granita is a boost of pure energy in the hot Sicilian sun. Oh, not exclusively in the Sicilian sun anymore!


The farmers who cultivate these almonds do not water their almond trees. How is it possible that Caffè Sicilia Romana almonds require no irrigation? The answer lies in a remarkable combination of the right natural climate, smart farming, and fair trade.