Martelli, Famiglia di Pastai. Much More than Pasta!

pasta MartelliThe packaging of Pasta Martelli is particularly visible. It puts you in a good mood just to look at it on the shelves of your specialty store, or better yet, in your pantry! It puts you in an even better mood, when you realize whatever you make with it (even add just olive oil – but it MUST be good!), it’s going to be a great dinner!

The package of Pasta Martelli says it all: Famiglia di Pastai, since 1926. For over 80 years, the Martellis have been making pasta in Lari, a medieval village perched on a hill, near Pisa, in Toscana.

Famiglia MartelliSo, only family members work in the “Pastificio”. How exceptional is that??? I wouldn’t last one day with my family! I talk to the Martellis very often and see them regularly in Lari or wherever… Last time I saw Dino, the patriarch, Lucia, his wife and their beautiful daughter Laura in Firenze, during the Taste food show. They really seem to love each other!!! There must be a secret. It would be great if they would share it.

Martelli Pasta MakingThey do share the secret of their incredible pasta, though, in a lovely, short and informative video (in Italian). The video is at the end of this post and it explains that theirs is a traditional and artisanal “pastificio” and therefore they make ONLY 4 shapes of pasta (5 shapes, as of 2013, the first new shape since 1926). They make pasta as it was made fifty years ago: using the best wheats; bronze dies; and giving particular attention to the most delicate phase of production, the natural drying process. Why is it so important? Dino explains that it gives more taste to the pasta!!! Try it to believe it!!!

Lari, TuscanyLook at the video below, even if you don’t speak Italian. You will see the beautiful village of Lari, the castle on top of the village and the “pastificio’ across the street (street? what street? path.) from the castle. What Dino does not say, because he is too humble, is a consideration that I made the first time I went to see them, many years ago. I love the Martellis not only because they make an exceptional product. I love them because they contribute to the balance of the social and architectural structure of the village. If the Pastificio were no longer there, the old building in which it is located, will immediately be converted into a commercial mega store, or a bank, or some fancy offices. And we don’t want that! Now, you can watch the video! Buy Martelli pasta and long life to the Martelli family!!!

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  1. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Impressing to see the location there in the video! Martelli Maccheroni are the best of all I have ever tried! Everything is just right about them, the texture, the taste, the aroma, the connection to any sugo.
    But the best way to enjoy this outstanding pasta is still: plenty of butter and freshly grated Parmiggiano Reggiano! East while hot, and do not hold back with the cheese!
    And make sure it is the real thing, not from a green cylinder of a certain corporation (in)famous for processing inferior foods and chemicals together…

  2. Ahhh, mac and cheese with maccheroni martelli! A dream!!! Grazie Tracy!

  3. Peggy Melton says:

    We visited the Martelli plant in Lari and have bought no other Pasta since visiting there 3 years ago. I is so GOOD in any Italian recipe.

  4. Patricia Barone says:

    We want to visit the pastificio when we visit.
    I am trying to arrange this through e-mail but I did not receive details about a tour.
    Is it possible to buy pasta there?
    Thank you

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