Maida Farm in Cilento, Campania Region

Click on the arrow below and watch the video. It is Francesco Vastola, a very passionate farmer in Cilento, near Paestum. I took the video last year, at the Salone del Gusto in Torino. Although Francesco speaks in Italian, you don’t need to be fluent to appreciate his honesty and kindness. In the video, Francesco introduces himself and proudly shows us some of his products: small artichokes, antipasto, yellow tomatoes puree (his favorite, he says; he makes pasta sauce, with it), concord grapes, pear and walnuts, DOP white figs (my favorite, I say) fruit preserves. The fruits and vegetables are all grown in his farm and the sottolii are conserved with his own EV Olive Oil.

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  1. Ode al Pomodoro del Cilento
    Il pomodoro del Cilento, veramente un
    vero portento
    meglio ancora se di Francesco
    che lo coglie appena fresco
    quindi tutti da Gustiamo
    dove il benessere sempre troviamo!
    Saluti a tutti
    Maurizio (Queens NY)

  2. i don’t think we ever had a poem on our blog. this is the first. very appropriate: these products are masterpieces of culture and tradition.
    Maurizio, grazie mille!
    ps Maurizio, you are so close to us, why dont you come to the warehouse one of these days and say hello? we’d love to meet the poet in person. grazie.

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