Brooklyn Larder

Brooklyn Larder is finally open! We have been hearing about this project from our good friends Francine, Andrew and Sergio for more than a year. When Antonio delivered some orders to Brooklyn, the other day, I went along. I really wanted to see this store everybody is raving about. The painful delays and higher costs were all worth suffering. The place is so elegant and functional, you want just to sit there and marvel at the cheese room, the salumi, the prepared food (I tasted a tasty lentil salad and a wonderful shredded porchetta). The selection of packaged food is superb. BRAVI TUTTI! Sergio and all the staff are very knowledgeable about their food; when Sergio packed my cheese, it looked like he was wrapping a diamond. Yes, I did some shopping: prosciutto, two kinds of cheeses, a bread loaf baked in Brooklyn and 2 jars of White Figs Jams by Maida (we are out of them and I am addicted – if we sold them to you in the past, tell me, I’ll buy all your inventory!).

Asked by The Strong Buzz about his favorite foods in stock, Sergio replies: One of my favorite items are some beautiful beans from Umbria (a region of central Italy). The biggest advantage is these beans are fresh. Everybody comments that when they soak them and cook them that they cook evenly. You don’t get that with canned beans. We have these beautiful organic tomatoes produced in Vesuvius that grow in volcanic soil. They’re just gorgeous. They’re the next best thing when tomatoes aren’t in season here.

Sergio, I love YOUUUU!

Click the arrow below and watch Sergio introducing this great new store. It will become the new cool and fair food destination. If you are in Brooklyn, go to Brooklyn Larder and do your shopping. Just ask: you’ll know where everything comes from. It’s great food, and a lot of fun.

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