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Maida’s Pear & Walnut jam is bursting with locally-grown fruit flavor. It’s delicious spread on a slice of toast, or used to make a crostata, a kind of Italian pie filled with jam and covered by a lattice of flaky pastry on top. Or up your cheese plate game by pairing a dollop of this jam with fresh cheese like ricotta or mozzarella di bufala, crumbly goat cheese, or tangy feta.  

At Maida Farm, Farmer Francesco Vastola carries on his family’s traditional recipes passed down from his grandmother Antonia. But even if you don’t have your own Italian nonna, you can still treat yourself to a super traditional Italian breakfast or snack. To make his Pear & Walnut jam, Francesco uses Coscia pears, a local variety of sweet firm pears with a pleasantly grainy texture.