Tratturello EV Olive Oil – numero 1

Francesco Travaglini, the producer of our Tratturello olive oil in his farm, Parco dei Buoi in Molise, has a  small production but high ambitions. He was bottling the new olive oil when Barack Obama was elected and he thought the oil was sooo good, Barack Obama should have one bottle. Not any bottle, but  NUMERO 1. So, he included the NUMERO 1 in the shipment being prepared for us, in America and recorded the event on his blog. OK, this was early November. Where is the shipment with Bottle NUMBER 1? To be continued…

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  1. Obama was elected on November 4 when we finished harvesting olives and packaged our first bottles …..for Beatrice and Gustiamo
    We collect our No. 1 of each year but this year the first go to our Barak, consumer and admirer of good Italian food, as a buon augurio for his mandate.
    that his work as ….liscio come l’olio!
    Beatrice tienici aggiornati!

  2. Such a lovely and touching story. The collection of all the number 1 kept at the parco dei Buoi Farm will have a missing bottle. The number 1 of harvest 2008-2009 which is coming to the Bronx for Barack Obama.
    I’ll call our shipping company right now. We will keep you posted.

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