Licia Granello at Gustiamo

Licia, paolo, martina and Beatrice
Licia Granello at Gustiamo’s Warehouse

GRAZIE to Licia Granello and Paolo, who came to visit us in the Bronx this week, for having endured the cold day and the subway journey! For the few who do not know her, she is the passionate, energetic and knowledgable food editor of La Repubblica, who also wrote a book last year, mai fragole a dicembre, ie you should only eat what is in season. We had lunch together in the warehouse (it was so cold, Licia had to eat with her gloves on. Sorry!). The menu was farro, risotto with mushrooms, farfalle with tomatoes and green salad. We appreciated Licia’s integrity and straight talk. She knew and loved all our products and the producers. It was simpatica at first sight. Licia and Paolo, come back soon. Spring, perhaps?