Gustiamo People-Beatrice, by Danielle

Continuing with our series about the people behind Italy’s Best Foods, we come to Beatrice.
Tricolor Crostata Caffe Sicilia
Beatrice gets the most improved award for her outstanding work and mastering of Instagram during the 3 weeks I spent in the Gustiamo warehouse. The first few days of incorporating Instagram into Gustiamo’s social media routine were not easy for Beatrice. But she quickly went from, “Danielle, sono nel panico,” while to staring in terror at her iPhone; to “Danielle, mi sono scatenata!” or “I went crazy on Instagram.” This is what she declared the morning she posted “a bajillion” Caffe’ Sicilia crostata photos on Instagram, before bringing said crostata into the warehouse for additional photographing.

Brava Beatrice! Really though, I should not be surprised. Beatrice knows more about using Typepad, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube better than most 20-somethings I know.

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