Postcard from Fig Season, Maida Farm in Campania

We just cannot stay away from magnificent Campania! This episode of “Gustiamo and Friends go to Campania” brings us to Maida Farm, near Paestum, where Gustiamo’s Danielle got a full dose of summer figs. White Cilento Figs to be exact.

Danielle spent the day with the Vastola Family on Maida Farm, picking figs and making jam. She was a great help. Or better, she became a great help once she realized her, one in the crate, one in her mouth, approach to picking figs was not going to fly.

But we don’t blame her. These figs are so damn good. Like, EXTRAORDINARILY good. No exaggeration. Cilento White Figs are internationally recognized for being the most well balanced figs in the world.

If at this point you find yourself cursing Danielle’s good fortune and wishing you too could have experienced these figs, we have some wonderful news for you.  White DOP Cilento Fig Extra Jam is just as damn good as Maida’s fresh figs. As Danielle has confirmed, that wonderful sensation you get when you bite into a fresh fig also comes with a spoonful of Maida’s jam.

In short, Franco Vastola is a jam making genius. He has perfected this White Cilento Fig Jam recipie. The ingredients? Just two: fig and a bit of sugar. The processing? Minimal. This jam is full of whole fig chunks.

Perhaps the very best discovery of the day on Maida Farm came from Mariantonia, the oldest Vastola daughter. She is a 20-something, going the University of Salerno while working with her family on the Farm. She told Danielle that this is her go to dish for when she has friends over: Breadsticks with White Cilento Fig Jam and Prosciutto. Che Fico! (pun intended)

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  1. I do that wrapped prosciutto breastick too….but the jam…fabulous…

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