Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs

Anne Noyes Saini is our audio journalism friend. When Anne comes ’round the warehouse, she usually has a microphone in tow. Her latest venture into the Bronx was to document the stories of two female entrepreneurs, our Beatrice and Eileen Formanes.

Eileen is a bright young Filipino traditional baker and Beatrice spent a lovely evening chatting with Anne and Eileen about traditional food, immigrating, and being a chick in the food biz.

You can listen to parts of the interview here. In case your ears perk up at Beatrice’s mention of the all-year-round Panettone, it is Chef Luigi Biasetto‘s master plan! Last time we were in Padova, he told us about his grand scheme to create the “4 Seasons Panettone!” We are totally pro this idea. When we order Panettone at Gustiamo, we make sure we have enough to keep as our all-year-round personal stash!


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