Iced Coffee From Puglia

Have you ever heard of Caffe Leccese? If not, please meet your next summer drink obsession.

Hailing from Puglia – the Italian region in the heel of the boot – this ingenious creation involves a coffee shot, ice cubes, and almond milk or syrup. If the standard iced coffee just isn’t cutting it, this seriously could be your new refreshing caffeine boost for the steamy days ahead.

Here, we are going full blast with Giamaica coffee and milk made from Colzani’s Almond Spread. With its creamy texture and unique, bold, smoky profile, Giamaica coffee shines alongside the fresh, sweet, profoundly almondy flavor of the spread.

While you brew your coffee (you can do it any style, but we strongly advise going for espresso or Moka pot), stir a tablespoon of Almond Spread into a cup of warm water. It’ll take a couple of minutes before you get a pearlescent, syrupy emulsion, but trust us when we say it is worth the wait.

Almond milk on the rocks, top off your Leccese with a stream of hot coffee. Unmistakably Italian, it’ll taste like summer in Salento: Salute!