This EVOO Is A Flavor Bomb

Cru di Cures is here. It’s our EVOO from the ancient olive oil producing region of Sabina, not far from Rome. 

This EVOO is made by aunt/niece team Laura and Antonella Fagiolo. They grow their own olive trees and they mill their own olives. 

We just talked to Laura today to tell her how crazy we are for the new harvest EVOO. She told us that, “the drought that we experienced over the summer really concentrated the oil’s flavor.

You can certainly taste it!
The year’s Cru di Cures EVOO is a flavor bomb!

Here are our tasting notes for the 2017-2018 Harvest:

  • An overall fresh, rich, and opinionated oil
  • Fruity aroma with hints of pear
  • Noticeable spice and bitterness
  • Hints of artichoke