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We will bet money that this is the most almondy product you’ve ever tasted - more than marzipan or pasta di mandorla. The reason? It is chock full of real almonds (45%!), and little else; the only other ingredients are water, cane sugar, and acacia honey from the foothills of the Alps in Lombardia. The almonds are raw rather than toasted, which gives this spread a fresh, sweet, profoundly almondy flavor - plus, the raw almond maintains all of its healthy vitamins and minerals!

And get ready for some serious mouthfeel, since each jar is full of grainy almond texture. As Marco puts it, "this spread is the true taste and feel of the sweet Sicilian Almond." Marco personally sources all of his almonds from Avola, Sicily, where almonds are part of a sustainable local tradition. He uses three varieties typical to Avola: Pizzuta, Fascionello, and Romana.

Marco Colzani’s Mandorla d'Avola Sicilia Crema Spalmabile is bursting with the flavor and texture of Sicily’s famously sweet almonds. Perfect for breakfast on fresh bread or toast, it also makes an incredible icing for cupcakes, and a delicately sweet topping for pancakes, crepes, or gelato. It’s an amazing secret ingredient for cookies or cakes, and can even be used to make almond milk!

In all of the artisanal sweets he produces, his philosophy is simple: “to take away everything that is unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original.”