Elizabeth Minchilli’s Eating My Way Through Italy

We love this book because of Elizabeth Minchilli‘s no-joke advice about how to simply eat the best food when in Italy.

For instance, Elizabeth’s guide to eating pizza in Naples features our pizza-genius friend Enzo Coccia. Elizabeth says, “Enzo Coccia is often called the Professor of Pizza… [he] has led a new revolution in Naples in the exploration of new types of flour, toppings, and new types of cooking.”

For Sicily, Elizabeth suggests Corrado Assenza and Caffe’ Sicilia, of course! As she says, “basing himself firmly upon tradition, Corrado has created a repertoire of granite, gelati, cakes, pastries, honeys, and marmalades  that are unique in Italy for their range and quality.”

Elizabeth also recommends Pasta Faella and Pasta Martelli as two of the best Italian types of pasta to buy, whether you are in Italy or the USA!

One of our favorite parts of the book is when Elizabeth says, “I am happy to say that over the last twenty years, it’s become much easier to source some of the best Italian ingredients outside of Italy.” We are so glad to be part of the good food Italian movement here in the USA. Elizabeth even mentions gustiamo.com as a source for great ingredients a few times in the book!

Here’s your link to get a copy of Eating My Way Through Italy and here’s your link to Elizabeth Minchilli’s blog.