6a00e55029641d8834013488b7a910970c-800wiBalsamico! is a wonderful book by food author Pamela Sheldon Johns. A “must have”, if you are into authentic italian ingredients. Nothing to do with the balsamico sold in supermarkets, which is a cheap colored dark brown liquid full of chemicals. It’s a book about “aceto balsamico tradizionale”, a revered treasure, so important to Italian tradition that it is regulated by a very complex law and can be made only in Modena or Reggio Emilia. In her book, Pamela chooses and features only a couple of BEST  “aceto balsamico tradizionale” producers and Mariangela Montanari of Gustiamo’s Ca dal Non is among them!

On the topic of Acetaia Ca Dal Non, a while ago I happened to notice this lovely and funny post (click here for the post): A young American kid goes all the way to Modena to visit the Acetaia Ca dal Non and buy his father a bottle of the precious liquid for his birthday. It’s a beautiful place to visit, as Erik says and his pictures show. But, if you don’t plan to go there soon, buy the “aceto balsamico tradizionale” made by Mariangela @ gustiamo and read everything about it on Pamela’s book. What a perfect gift combination, this would be. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Thanks for that book tip, I didn’t know that yet (neither the author).
    I found a good used copy on amazon for a good price, and I was astonished that somebody actually offers this book (new) for 999 $ there. Come on! New or not, what book is really worth such a price?
    But the 12.99 for a good used one is OK, I will expand my knowledge abot Balsamici with it. And who knows, maybe Frau Holle will leave me with some monetary holiday gift and I can try out the mentioned product from you very soon!

  2. in the book you’ll find authentic recipes with aceto balsamico tradizionale. i LOVE the cipolline all’agro dolce. easy, unusual taste and delicious. grazie!!!

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