Apricots from Mr. Sicily

“If Nature creates simple and spontaneous jewels, it is up to us to bring them to the palate in the simplest and most direct way. Composing a harmonious and flavorful sequence is the purpose of our job.” Corrado Assenza

Corrado is the pastry maestro and poetic soul behind the world famous Caffè Sicilia of Noto. In the epic episode dedicated to him by Chef’s Table, Faith Willinger calls him Mr. Sicily. Ingredient by ingredient, aroma by aroma, Corrado knows his island better than anyone.

Look at him during our trip to Noto, last summer, sharing all his knowledge with our very own Beatrice, surrounded by cassatine, granita, cannoli, and of course his signature Apricot Jam.

Caffè Sicilia Apricot Jam has a unique flavor intensity. It is sweet and rich, like dried apricots, but with the most velvety texture and a slightly bitter finish. A buttered slice of toasted bread or cheese with a bold character would make a heavenly pairing.

Don’t take only our word for it! The bravissima food writer Ruth Reichl loves this jam too. And she shared her love with her readers in the Gift Guide of her last Newsletter. If you are not yet a subscriber, you’re missing out!

A Sicilian Jam (tasting) session. We have filled one of our upcycled wooden crates with the Caffè Sicilia Marmalade collection + a bag of incredible Unpeeled Noto Romana Almonds selected by Corrado Assenza himself.