Beans are Back

ALL the beans are here.
from Bio Alberti in Umbria

Walk, don’t run. We are fully stocked with Bio Alberti organic legumes from Umbria!

These are the heirloom varieties that the Alberti family cultivates on their stunning organic farm outside of Perugia:

 ✧ Creamy white Cannellini Beans ✧
✦ Earthy Cicerchie (wild chickpeas) ✦
✧ Classic buttery Borlotti Beans ✧
✦ Tiny savory Chickpeas ✦
✧ Rustic rich Black Beans ✧
✦ Small and elegant Lentils ✦

Not sure if you’re ready to ditch your canned beans? Dry beans are so much better and really quite easy! Read our guide on how to cook Bio Alberti dry beans and we promise you’ll never look back to the canned stuff.

Take a virtual tour of the Bio Alberti farm in Umbria and see the fields where these extraordinary beans grow.

THE pairing: there’s nothing better than a rustic bean salad with an abundant drizzle of EVOO. Quinta Luna from Umbria, of course.