Yellow Piennolo Tomatoes

From Mt VesuviusOur friends at Casa Barone in Campania have been working to cultivate the perfect Yellow Piennolo Tomato. They have truly out done themselves. Bravi Ragazzi! These tomatoes are incredibly good and absolutely gorgeous!

While these bright and sunny tomatoes might seem new and innovative, they are really quite old. In fact, back in the day they almost went extinct and were only saved (luckily for us) thanks to the farmers of the Mt. Vesuvius area.

Today, these tomatoes grow on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius and they thrive in the volcanic dry soil. The only human intervention used in the growing of these tomatoes is a set of pruners!

Like their red cousins, these Yellow Piennolo Tomatoes are perfect for all sauces. They are full of flavor and require very little cooking time.

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