Sicilian Candied Citrus

Imagine preserving slices of Sicilian landscape. Imagine tearing a seal and being swept away by an explosion of Mediterranean aromas. Impossible? Not for Maestro Corrado Assenza. The challenge was to prolong the beauty and freshness of Sicilian citrus fruit without using preservatives. Needless to say, he succeeded.

Ethereally soft and shockingly aromatic, these citruses are the same used in the legendary Caffè Sicilia marmalades. Corrado sources them from the best Sicilian producers, translating their work into candied masterpieces.

Direction for use: Before using these canditi, rinse them quickly under cold running water, then pat them dry. Once open, put them in a glass jar, store in the fridge and they’ll keep forever. Go ahead; your slices of Sicilia are ready to impress you!

And not just any lemon. These rinds come from the prized Limone Femminello di Siracusa variety. Fresh and intense, its pairings range from vanilla ice cream to shellfish or ravioli filling. With their delicate yet long-lasting taste, the versatility of candied lemons is limitless.
From the Navelina oranges grown just a mile from Corrado’s pastry lab, these rinds are designed to bejewel cakes and pastries. But just like the other candied citruses, they are not confined to the dessert menu. Sliced thinly, they are a perfect garnish for salads, white fish, or dry-aged steaks.
These bergamot candied peels are astonishingly rich in essential oils and are arguably the quintessential Mediterranean citrus. With dry and bitter notes, their unique and elegant flavor elevates cocktails, desserts, cheeseboards, or risotti.