Lots of professional bloggers. Ok, but watch what they say!


The other day, there was a comment on this blog to an old post about pasta with colatura. We originally wrote the post because we were excited about how good this dish is and how easy it is to make. (In fact, I will serve pasta with colatura tomorrow night, Christmas Eve.) We tell you and, hopefully, you buy this great product from us.

A couple of days ago, three months after the original post, Jennifer Blag (fake name) wrote the following comment:

“You can buy Colatura for $XX (about 12 oz.) at XXXX (company’s name). You can find them online. My shipment just arrived! :)”

Jennifer Blag is not a frequenter of this Gustiblog and XXXX is a friendly competitor to whom we supply certain products we import, at wholesale prices. This is the first time I have ever deleted a comment. I don’t fear competition but I didn’t want to embarrass the merchant!

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  1. Beatrice,
    This is why I take so many comments with a grain of salt as it seems so many people on blogs, Facebook and Twitter are just promoting themselves or their sites and products while pretending to be real customers.
    It is especially true on travel sites and now it seems on yours.
    Buone feste,

  2. I recently had to start moderating comments on my blog, something I never wanted (or had the time really) to do. But some unsavory links were being posted, especially on older posts that were less likely to be checked by me so I had to do it. If only these blog hackers would use their powers for good rather than evil. Anyway, love your blog and all the goodies! Happy New Year. Warmly, Cathy ^..^

  3. grazie Cathy! i don’t find it difficult to monitor the comments, even those to old posts, because i receive an email as soon as somebody posts it. don’t you?

  4. grazie Catherine. we promote Gustiamo website and products, too. do you trust us? hope so! my point is that when you hire somebody to spread the word, this person should be as passionate and knoledgeable about your business as you are.

  5. I do as well, but if I’m not near my computer for hours or days the comment could sit for a while, waiting to be moderated, which I guess is better than a weird comment or link (like an x rated one) posted on my site. At first I set it only to have me approve comments on posts older than 3 months but then wacky ones started to appear on new posts so I just set it to complete moderation.

  6. what a waste of time! so sorry. good thinking, then.
    best wishes to you, too.

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