Amazing Anne e i suoi ragazzi!


Gustiamo's Warehouse
Gustiamo’s Warehouse

These are the final days of the Holiday rush at Gustiamo Gift Central. It’s all concentrated in very few days as everybody in the business knows. No matter how well you plan, it’s always very stressful. Shipments are coming from Italy; FDA drives us nuts; gift crates and boxes need to be prepared to perfection; orders to be billed, charged and fulfilled; little crises here and there; coordinating the work of the people in the warehouse and in the office; dealing with customers who prefer to place their orders on the phone and demand unlimited attention and explanation of the whole catalog; ordinary issues which, giving the bigger volumes, are multiplied accordingly. I am amazed! Anne does all the above and much much more with the utmost care, patience and intelligence. Her sense of organization is impeccable. Of course, she is lovingly assisted by her great team, ie. Anne’s boys, from left: Antonio, Ben, Gerard and Kunle. Brava Anne. You are the best!