Emilio at Gustiamo: Vicopisano EV Olive Oil

Emilio Ferracci is the son of Anna Dente, the famous chef of Osteria San Cesario, outside Roma. This restaurant is so famous that all the American chefs who (wish to) cook Roman cuisine (now so much in fashion) go there in pilgrimage. Over the years, Emilio has become friendly with them and he is in America often. He knows a thing or two about real Italian foods and he loved our selection, as you can hear from the video (click on the arrow) above. Ahhh, but he forgot (distracted by too much pandoro???) to mention that he was glad to see that we also import magnificent Vicopisano Olive Oil. Emilio said (watch the video below) that the producer, Nicola Bovoli, is a good friend and a big, very big man (look who’s talking !?!!). Where do you think they met?

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  1. ciao Beatrice e Emilio,
    I’m really very happy for the Emilio’s worlds.
    About who is bigger I don’t speack….
    Anyway Emilio is really a very BIG friend
    🙂 nicola

  2. Sally DiDonato says:

    I’d love to know if he prefers to use the term “sauce” or “gravy”

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