This Will Make You Look Good – Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

Exactly 2 weeks ago, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar maker Mariangela Montanari from Modena convinced me on Facebook to try my hand at Panna Cotta. Since then I’ve been making Panna Cotta like there’s no tomorrow. All my friends love it! This is what my friend Marcy had to say after dinner at my place: “This Panna Cotta was simply the wonderful end to a delicious dinner. It was not like any I have ever eaten. The strawberries and a bit of balsamic vinegar were the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Thank you.” Can’t you just smell the intriguing perfume of strawberries and the long aromatic vinegar note?… click here to read more about it in our newsletter; and to sign up for our newsletter type your email address into the white box at the top of this page and click submit (don’t forget to confirm your subscription!).