Pasta Corta

With about 20 pasta shapes to choose from, Pastificio Faella is the producer we turn to for pasta inspiration. Made in Gragnano, near Naples, Pasta Faella religiously respects these three pasta commandments:

  • only 100% Italian Semola
  • exclusively extruded with a bronze die
  • always dried slowly, at least 2 days, at the lowest temperature possible

Pasta this good is a staple ingredient all year round, but some short shapes (aka Pasta Corta) distinctly make us think of summer recipes. Here are three pasta dishes that are on heavy rotation in our kitchens right now.


Ziti Faella are the most traditional choice for everything eggplant. Fried or sautéed, eggplant is amazing on pasta. Don’t forget to add a generous handful of grated Vacche Rosse Cheese.


Tofe Faella call for fish, something chunky to fill their shell shape. For a satisfying pairing that is light and simple, sauté clams and mussels. Finish with a sprinkle of Bottarga on top. Shells on shells!


Caserecci Faella, with their twisty shape, keep the perfect al dente texture for longer. This makes them our secret ingredient for all variations of pasta salad. A good chewy texture makes all the difference!

How should you salt your pasta cooking water? Use Trapani Coarse Sea Salt, you know it’s enough salt when it tastes salty like the sea!