Hazelnuts Wrapped in Chocolate

Meet the TREAT of all treats, the dreamy collab between our chocolate guru Marco Colzani and our hazelnut whisperers at Terra delle Nocciole.

Hazelnuts Wrapped in Chocolate Colzani dragee bean to bar

After achieving gianduja nirvana with his uber-famous spread, Marco Colzani wanted to improve on perfection: he took the crunchiest Piemontese hazelnuts and wrapped them in a layer of single origin Ecuadorian chocolate. Think the opulence of the choco+hazelnut combo, but more irresistible.

These chocolate covered hazelnuts are made by hand in the Colzani lab. 50% hazelnuts toasted to perfection and 50% bean to bar chocolate. If this is not the shortest snack ingredient list, we don’t know what is.

As the fruity chocolate slowly melts in your mouth, you bite into the satisfying, almost savory nocciola. And then another one, and then another…

Hazelnuts Wrapped in Chocolate Colzani dragee bean to bar

Marco Colzani is the number one fan of the caramelly hazelnuts from Alta Langa. Actually, he’s the one who introduced us to his buddies at Terra delle Nocciole, years ago. Since then, we’ve been sharing the supplies of the most precious nocciole in the whole world!