Gustiamo Coffee Ritual

At least three times a day in the Gustiamo warehouse, someone inevitably calls out c’è caffè! There’s coffee. The Italian moment of taking a coffee is a mundane but eagerly awaited ceremony that brings daily pleasure to Italians (and Italian coffee lovers) everywhere, from Northern Italy, to Southern Italy, to the Bronx!

The Arabica coffee beans used in Torrefazione Giamaica coffee are carefully selected and studied before being wood roasted, in accordance with a traditional technique that gives a round, rich, and complex aroma to the coffee.

Moka Coffee.

With its art deco look and its endearing gurgle, the Moka pot is the coffee brewing method that most Italians identity with. 
The magic of the Moka pot is its gently pressurized extraction, right there on your stove, without the need of an espresso machine.
Coffee brewed with Moka is viscous and intense, but not too strong or thick.
With sugar, as a macchiato, or black, Giamaica Moka Grind makes a smooth and aromatic coffee that fills the room with the fragrant smell of roasted beans.

Chemex Coffee.

Chemex is a pour-over brewing method which really highlights the flavor profile of coffee.
Chemex is the latest addition to the Gustiamo coffee ritual, a discovery that allows Sant’Eustachio coffee to fully express its character in a unique way.
Giamaica Melitta aka Filter Grind coffee is the ultimate grind for Chemex. In a single cup you will taste the fruity notes and warm nuances.
Nota bene: this is also the grind you would use for the American drip coffee method.

Shakerato is the Italian alternative to your afternoon iced coffee. It is round, low in both acidity and in caffeine content.
Don’t be fooled! You don’t need a fancy shaker to make this coffee.
Yes, we use a jar. All you need is to (1) make a steaming hot espresso and (2) vigorously shake it with ice cubes for a couple of minutes and then, you will (3) get a shakerato: a very balanced refreshment topped with velvety foam.