Gustiamo, an ethereal place!

Last Friday was business as usual at the Gustiamo headquarters in the Bronx. That is until an unsuspecting minivan pulled up and unleashed an unexpected enthusiastic foodie blitz! We were so happy to receive a surprise visit from the lovey trio: Catherine, Sasha, and Jennifer. They were referred to us by the wonderful Elizabeth Minchilli and they were full of food and cooking knowledge. Here is an excerpt from Sasha’s blog, Bread and Butter NYC, about her visit:

“Then for my trip to Gustiamo in the Bronx. I had the same excitement I had years ago when I visited the Prada outlet outside Firenze, but I think I had even more joy in my belly as this was an Italian importer of the most unique and wonderful Italian products. The oils, tomato tins, beans, salts, spreads was just an abundance of the good things that make life worth living. It felt like a journey to an ethereal place, but this one really existed on earth. Gustiamo has a website but if you call them you can also make a trip. GO!!!!”

Gustiamo, an ethereal place. That’s a first and we love it! Grazie Sasha!

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