The Meat of Peasants

If we could choose the future of protein, we’d go with Cicerchie. Also known as wild chickpeas, Cicerchie are a wholesome and ancient legume, with an ultra-high protein content.

It’s no surprise that they used to be called “the meat of peasants”, back when having meat on the table was a luxury. This is a real plant based meat alternative that is sustainable and natural.

ORGANIC. Our Cicerchie come from Umbria, where they are grown by the Bio Alberti family. For three generations, the Alberti have been cultivating their stunning piece of land strictly following organic practices.

FLAVOR. Cicerchie have a rustic flavor with earthy notes. To quote April Bloomfield – a true Cicerchia fan: “once they are cooked, they taste like a pea crossed with a chickpea. Even though they are dry, they have a certain freshness.”

COOKING TIME! Read more on how to cook Cicerchie on the Gusti blog.