The secret to more flavorful everything. 

Good-quality anchovies add a savoriness and a fantastic nuanced depth to dishes that is nearly unmatchable by any other ingredient. I refer to them as ‘undercover flavor agents’ because their presence often goes unnoticed; they so seamlessly blend with other ingredients… The nutrient-rich fish are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which is an added bonus. The highest quality anchovies you can get are packed in salt.”
Those brilliant words of fishy wisdom come from our good friend, Mindy Fox. To put her advice into action, you only need to learn how to hand fillet anchovies. It beyond easy. Just watch this video and a whole world of flavorful cooking will be open to you!

Salad? Add anchovies. As Ms. Fox says in her book on the subject, an anchovy in a salad has the power to convert the anchovy-adverse.

Homemade mayonnaise? Add anchovies. Take some advice from our friends at Franny’s and whisk anchovies into your mayo.

Pasta with tomato sauce? Add anchovies. Need explanation about how this is done? Ask our Edoardo; it’s his signature dish.

Panino? Add anchovies. Yes, even a sandwich can be improved with anchovies. Just look at Marcella Hazan’s Hard-Boiled-Egg Sandwich.

Bread and butter? Add anchovies. Butter and anchovies make for an amazing pairing in this quintessential Italian snack or antipasto.

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