The Strategist’s Best Jarred Foods: Nettuno Anchovies

Anchovies are having a bit of a moment. Once looked upon with disdain, the world has woken up to the wonders of quality tinned, jarred, and canned foods. Enter Alici Salate (anchovies in sea salt) from Nettuno, our beloved anchovy expert family on the Amalfi coast.

“I don’t think there are any better on the planet than these” – Grub Street writer Chris Crowley

Siamo pienamente d’accordo con te, Chris! Here at Gustiamo we are anchovy lovers, and wouldn’t dream of using those depressing tins of overly pungent fillets you find on supermarket shelves. Nettuno’s anchovies are special. Caught between March and July when their flesh is at its plumpest, these anchovies are then prepared and jarred in pure Italian sea salt (ingredienti: alici, sale). So, it comes at no surprise to us that Nettuno Anchovies in Sea Salt were featured on the Strategists’ list of 52 canned goods chefs keep in their pantries!

“They’re kind of a splurge, but they go a long way: preserved only in sea salt, they’re plump and possiblY as close to a hit of pure MSG as you can get.”

Thank you Chris for the endorsement! Read the full article on The Strategist’s Best Jarred Foods here