Italian Black Rice

Venere Black Rice is Italy’s most famous aromatic rice variety. What do we mean when we say aromatic rice? Cook it and find out. As this rice simmers on the stove, your entire kitchen will fill with an aroma akin to freshly baked bread.

The aroma of this rice is just the teaser. Venere Black Rice has a satisfying chewy texture and a round and nutty flavor that pairs fantastically well with vegetables. We love it right now with asparagus, peas, and fava beans (and oh! the summer vegetables to come).

Our Venere Black Rice comes from Piemonte where, in the province of Novara, the Crespi family has been cultivating rice since 1821.

Venere Black Rice is 100% whole grain rice BUT its mouthfeel is nothing like grainy fibrous brown rice. This rice is smooth. See that elegant dark color with purple highlights? That color indicates the presence of anthocyanin (yes! that’s the same antioxidant found in blueberries).

  1. Rinse the rice (this helps remove excess starch that can cause clumping).
  2. Cook in salted boiling water for approx. 45 minutes.
  3. Allow the rice to steam by removing it from the heat, drizzling some good EVOO on it, and letting it sit. The warm rice will absorb the oil and the aromas will burst!
  4. Fluff with a fork and pair with what’s fresh.

Pro tip: This rice is the ultimate creative ingredient. Put your own spin on classic Italian black rice salad. Get funky with flavor combinations, from classic Mediterranean to seafood and crunchy nuts.