Fermented. Aged. And NOT For The Faint-Of-Heart.

Sirk White Vinegar

Made 100% with Ribolla Gialla White Grapes

Sirk white grape vinegar is strong. It is aged for 5 years. First, the grapes are harvested and aged for 1 year; that’s with their skins. Then, they are pressed and just the liquid is aged for 4 more years. A lot of goodness results from that much aging. 

When you taste Sirk, you taste its sharp punch of acidity but you also taste the grapes and all of their multifaceted aromas.

Have you heard about Acid Trip? It’s our vinegar-obsessed friend Michael Harlan Turkell’s new book.There is so much wonderful vinegar nerd-stuff going on in this book. We are especially fond of what he has to say about Sirk Vinegar, including:


 “I sampled a 100-ml spray bottle of grape vinegar from Friuli… Sirk’s method is simple yet precise, vibrantly aromatic…The result? A spectacular idiosyncratic vinegar, undeniably evocative of the grapes themselves.” 

Bravo Michael!