Panettone And Pandoro With A Cult Following

Our warehouse is flush with freshly baked Panettone and Pandoro. Amazing, delicious, mind-altering Biasetto Panettone and PandoroEvery single one of these holiday breads is made by hand using a 90 year old sourdough starter and the most fabulous and clean ingredients on the planet.

If you’re reading this (ciao amici!), chances are you already know about Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto and his dreamy atelier in Padova.

If you’re new (benvenuti!), let us fill you in. Nothing compares to the explosion of aromas that will fill the room when you open your Biasetto Panettone and Pandoro. Chef Luigi is an Italian pastry genius and is uncompromising when it comes to his Panettone and Pandoro.

Biasetto Panettone is studded with soft raisins and REAL candied fruit (orange, citron, and lemon from Sicily).

Biasetto Pandoro has a cotton candy mouthfeel and an unparalleled fragrance of vanilla. And it comes with a packet of powdered sugar to sprinkle on top!

Biasetto Panettone and Pandoro have a cult following and will not last.
If you know, you know.