The multiple uses of Maiorca Flour

What type of wheat is your everyday flour? As in, what is the variety of wheat plant used to make the flour you most regularly use? Do you know?

We’d bet you don’t.

This flour is made with just 1 type of wheat. ONE TYPE OF WHEAT. That is pretty epic. The name of the wheat is Maiorca and it has grown in Sicily since before the Greeks dominated the island.

That makes Maiorca an Ancient Grain.

Maiorca is a soft wheat, which means it is versatile and especially great for baking sweets. 

Think “Italian 00 Flour” but with a soul. 

Maiorca Bread by Stefano Pibi in Sardegna.

Maiorca Foccaccia by Rick Easton in NYC.

Maiorca Biscotti made by Jeremy Shapiro in NYC.

Maiorca Muffins that we have an Instagram crush on!