Sicilian Kitchen

New harvest Pianogrillo EVOO is here. The 2020/2021 olive harvest in Sicilia was stunning! Farmer Lorenzo couldn’t be happier with the year’s production, and not just olive oil.

On his farm in Ragusa (that’s at the Southern tip of Sicily), Lorenzo grows olives and tomatoes and produces cherry tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil made with 100% Tonda Iblea olives, and traditional tomato concentrate.

Pantry photo credits to Pineapple Collaborative.

This year’s Pianogrillo EVOO is all about balance. It’s not one of those oils that will overwhelm your palate (although we’re also here for you if that’s what you’re into).

This EVOO is fruity and fragrant with notes of almond and a hint of spice on the finish. It is the pure expression of the superstar Tonda Iblea Sicilian olive, a beautiful monovarietal EVOO.

Pianogrillo’s cherry tomato sauce is particularly sought-after for its naturally sweet flavor, it features the cleanest ingredient list we’ve ever seen in a ready to eat sauce (think: 97% tomatoes!).

The tomato concentrate is also known by its Sicilian nickname Strattu, this dark red paste is the powerful result of drying tomatoes in the Sicilian sun.
Pro tip: a modest spoonful goes a long way.