Gustiamo in Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit just came out with an article with the 10 best places to shop online. And you’ve got it, is on that list.

The article quotes Chef Ignacio Mattos (he’s the genius chef of Estela, Cafe Altro Paradiso and Flora Bar) says about Gustiamo: “They have delicious canned tomatoes and their chickpeas are insane…they also have really special olive oils and bottarga that I love.”

As Mari Uyehara the article’s author, writes: “Started in 1999 by Rome native Beatrice Ughi, Gustiamo specializes in meticulously sourced ingredients from small producers, like Nettuno’s colatura di alici, the Italian fish sauce made in the fishing village of Cetara on the Amalfi coast by pressing fresh anchovies with sea salt and aging them in chestnut-wood barrels.”

AND yes, we ship all over the United States and Canada!

Read the full Bon Appétit article here.