Latini Pasta – With the Help of The New Generation!

TeresaThe new Latini! Here is Teresa, the beautiful, determined and energetic daughter of Carlo and Carla Latini who make the legendary pasta in the Marche region.

Teresa has been with her “mani in pasta” since she was born, of course, but this summer she worked full time at the Pastificio because she finished university in june. She spent her summer helping mom and dad and making some money, too. How cool is that?

Teresa will graduate in marketing Oct 14th, when she will discuss her thesis “corporate visual identity and logo restyling”. Does it mean we’ll see some changes to the famous red box? In the meantime, good luck Teresa for the 14th. Enjoy the moment and your glory!

to celebrate Teresa’s graduation, Latini Pasta will be discounted 20% until October 14th or until supplies last. Magic Word is “Teresa”.

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  1. Teresa Latini says:

    Thank you very much Beatrice, you’re really very nice. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and we’re waiting for your anytime you want. It’s always our great plesure to see you! Have a nice day…and thanks again! Best Regards. Teresa Latini.

  2. ciao Teresa, felice di leggerti, good luck for your degree and for you future in Latini!!
    I hope to meet you and visit Latini soon as possible, or better, why you don’t come here? in NY, I mean..
    everybody loves Latini!!! We could meet our famous chef friends that are crazies for your pasta! What you think about?
    Also pleseplease don’t change the Red Box!!

  3. Hey, great offer again, and so I was about ordering 6 Bucatini boxes (among others). But alas, typically for my luck, of course they are out of stock…
    I guess I am going to come back everyday now to check whether they come back in time. Are you expecting the new deliveries before Oct 14?

  4. no. our next Latini order is supposed to be in the warehouse mid November.
    next week we’ll receive the new Faella order which includes bucatini. we’ll apply the discount to those!!! but still write “Teresa” on order and we’ll remember to reflect the discount on bill and credit card charge.
    ciao e grazie!

  5. Teresa Latini says:

    @Stefano: Thanks a lot! I really hope to come to NY as soon as I can. I really love the city, I think it’s magic. And I’m really glad that our Pasta is so loved. It’s beautiful when your work makes all these people happy.

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