Sicilian Sea Salt!

The Fancy Food Show! An amazing few days spent hanging out with friends + celebrating our Gold Prize. We are still recovering!

What’s the food at the show like? Much of it is very high-tech, highly-conceptional, innovative food. Yes, very VERY fancy food.

So, at the Gusti booth what did we talk about the most?
The most basic ingredient of all: SEA SALT.

Harvested right from the Mediterranean, never touched by a laboratory!
No innovation needed, for centuries. It is truly the anti-fancy food.

We were so surprised by how many of our restaurateur, food buyer, and chef friends asked us about salt!

The differences between our three sea salts? Here’s your cheat sheet:

Fine Salt: your classic, everyday grind of salt. Harvested from the sea
and then milled into perfect uniform grains.

Fiore di Sale: young, thin un-milled snowflakes of salt crystals. Used for finishing dishes, perfect on garden fresh summer vegetables.

Coarse Salt: larger milled granules. Perfect for salting meat, brine,
sauce, and rubs.

What’d everyone have to say? They all remarked on our salts’ fresh salinity, delicate texture, and pure taste.

Thanks to the Sicilian sea + sun, our salt is delicious and full of minerals.