Figs in a bundle: Fagottino

Put figs on the table

dried white figs from campania
splashed with rum and fig molasses
stuffed with sicilian almonds
with raisins + candied orange and lemon zest
wrapped in their own fig leaves

they’re dense and extra plump

they’re an explosive mix of textures

they’re a rich combination of flavors

they’re a full dessert, for the table to share

Figs in a bundle: Fagottino


Figs in a bundle: Fagottino A precious fig bundle:

These figs belong to the special Dottato variety, they are grown in the Cilento national park and harvested throughout the summer.

Then, they are dried in the sun for five to eight days, rotated at least once a day to maintain a uniform color.

Figs in a bundle: Fagottino