The Sweet and Spicy of Taggiasca

Nestled at the foot of the Alps, and protected from the cold air of the North, the 8000 olive trees of the Benza family look over the Ligurian riviera, enjoying the warm Mediterranean breeze.

The Benza’s have been olive farmers on these hills since 1853, growing the one and only queen cultivar of Liguria: Taggiasca olives.

But besides their fairytale-looking terroir, what makes Taggiasca olives so unique is their versatility. Cure them in brine, and you’ll get the most umami, rich, bold snacking olive. Press these tiny fruits, and the renowned balanced, fruity, and elegant extra virgin olive oil will start flowing.

What can be found in a jar of Taggiasca is a mosaic of colors and flavors. These small olives are preserved in brine and have a surprisingly velvety mouthfeel and meaty texture.

•The complex and powerful umami taste coats your palate
•The fruity pulp adds a sweet touch
•The spicy and bitter balance delivers a very persistent finish.

The 2021/2022 harvest confirms the signature gentle yet astonishing harmonies typical of this variety: never overwhelming, perfect with delicate ingredients.

NOSE: Vibrant, with notes of green apple, almond, and a hint of artichoke.
PALATE: Smooth and extremely fruity, with a long-lasting taste of green almond, and a pleasant, spicy final note.