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Sicilians are renowned for their sweets - and much of that well-deserved fame is thanks to the superior quality of Sicilian almonds. For his almond spread, Corrado Assenza of Caffè Sicilia uses only Romana di Noto almonds - an ancient native varietal with an intense flavor, packed with vitamins and minerals - water, and a bit of sugar. In Corrado Assenza's words, "this spread is the true taste and feel of the Sicilian Almond."
Caffè Sicilia's almond spread is bursting with the flavor and texture of Sicily's famously sweet almonds, personally sourced by Corrado himself in Noto's countryside, where almonds are part of a sustainable local tradition. Perfect as a breakfast spread on freshly toasted bread or pancakes, almond cream is a special secret ingredient tucked into pastries, cookies, crepes, or cakes. Diluted with water it becomes homemade Sicilian almond milk; mix it with espresso and ice for a perfect caffè Leccese, a traditional iced coffee from southern Italy. 

But to truly wow your dinner guests, top off your next Italian feast with homemade almond granita. Corrado Assenza’s almond cream, water, and a freezer are all you need to recreate the magic of this iconic Sicilian treat at home. Simply mix one jar of almond cream into a pitcher of water, place it in the freezer and stir every 30 minutes until you’ve reached the perfect consistency: smooth and refreshing with the subtly grainy texture and robust flavor of real Sicilian almonds, transporting you to a little piazza in the warm Mediterranean sun.
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