Red Rice Apple Risotto

This Red Rice Apple Risotto is an essential dish in the Crespi Family’s Piedmontese kitchen. With just a few ingredients, it is fairly simple to prepare, but is sure to impress with its elegant exotic taste. We had the privilege of receiving this recipe right from Signora Maria Antonietta Crespi. She explained to us that this rice is full of goodness. It contains more fiber than other rice varieties because it is not refined. As she says, each grain of rice has its “terza camicia”, or “third shirt”, referring to the multiple layers of fiber. Talk about whole grains! Red rice also helps to lower cholesterol, and is full of nutrients and minerals like selenium.


TIME: 50 minutes


1.  Pre-cook rice by putting rice in water on the stove covered, over a strong flame. After water starts to boil, cook for 25 minutes than drain rice
2. Heat broth in a pot, leave lightly simmering on the stove
3. Prepare a soffritto of olive oil and onion
4. Add the pre-cooked rice and lightly toast, mixing continuously
5. Add wine and apple
6. When the liquid evaporates begin to ladle in broth while stirring. As liquid is absorbed, continue to add ladles of broth as needed and mix over a strong flame
7. When rice has reached a desired ‘al dente’ consistency (about 20 minutes) remove from the flame
8. Sprinkle with Vacche Rosse and drizzle with olive oil before eating

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  1. Above Recipe is very confusing( Red Rice with Apple Risotto.) Step One indicates to Pre Cook the Rice. For Step 3, is the Onion part of the Red Rice with Apple Risotto recipe If so, How much Onion? Step 4 Toast the Uncooked Rice so does that mean Step One is wrong? For Step 5, How much White Wine do you add? Step 5, Is it really apple slices and not diced Apples? Do you peel the apple? Please email back, Sincerely, John Fontana Phoenix, AZ

    1. Danielle @Gustiamo Author says:

      Ciao John! Thank you so so much! Have a look now. So sorry about that! Our friend Maria says she uses peeled and finely sliced apples, but if you prefer diced, go for it. If you try this recipe out please let us know how you like it!

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