Porcini Mushrooms Sott’Olio in the New York Times

Borgolab’s porcini mushrooms in olive oil, one of our newest products, were recently featured in the “Front Burner” section of the New York Times:

“Porcini mushrooms, cèpes to the French, are among the most satisfyingly succulent and flavorful of fungi, umami-laden and densely textured. […] Now Gustiamo, a source in the Bronx for excellent products from Italy has started importing jarred funghi porcini from Borgolab, a porcini specialist in Val di Taro in Emilia-Romagna.”

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Preserving porcini mushrooms sott’olio is one of the best ways to capture their unique woodsy character and dense meaty texture. That coveted porcini flavor is notoriously effervescent, but the porcini experts at Borgolab in Emilia Romagna captured it in a jar. First, they select only the smaller mushrooms with particularly dense flesh. Then, they blanch them in a mixture of hot water and white wine vinegar before carefully packing them into each jar. Finally, they cover the mushrooms with olive oil and a custom blend of spices.

Porcini mushrooms preserved this way make for a delicious and unexpected addition to any aperitivo platter. You can eat them straight from the jar, or char their edges before piling them atop some bruschetta. But don’t limit yourself to appetizers. Porcini sott’olio make for a earthy accompaniment to meat or fish, and can add an umami note to soups and stews.

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