New Tratturello is a Miracle

The 2022 olive harvest in Molise was riddled with obstacles, farmers Francesco and Pia tell us. A “cocktail of problems” they call it.

Last May was so warm, many olive buds burnt before they could bloom and eventually bear fruit. Read: less olives to harvest. Thankfully, the olives that did show up were of good quality and spent a nice, mild summer on the trees. But come August, temperature and humidity spiked. Read: perfect conditions for insects and bacteria.

For the first time in their lives, Francesco and Pia started the harvest on September 17th, extremely early. Understanding your olive trees, knowing your territory, addressing climate change with only the use of your experience and ingenuity; this is heroic agriculture.

Il Tratturello 2022/23 is in total tune with Francesco and Pia’s usual outstanding EVOO. Your nose first notices the iconic artichoke aroma, with a touch of freshly-cut grass and green almond. These come from the local olive Gentile di Larino.

On the palate, this EVOO has excellent balance. Bitterness hits the tongue first, immediately giving way to the typical spiciness. Finally, your mouth is clean with a pleasant freshness. This oil’s flawless harmony is its greatest strength.

Francesco and Pia’s favorite trait of their oil? Il Tratturello 2022/23 amplifies all the flavors on your plate, without ever overpowering them.”