Ciccio Sultano & Paul Greenberg Hang Out in Catania

We love bringing people together. This was one of our big match-making success stories. Chef Ciccio and author and NYTimes writer Paul Greenberg, met up in Catania to talk (and eat!) fish. Cicco writes in his blog:

“Ciccio Sultano and journalist Paul Greenberg‘s meeting took place thanks to Beatrice Ughi from Gustiamo – Italy’s Best Food a large scale project aimed at selecting, importing and distributing high quality artisanal food products from all Italian regions. A constant and passionate work without compromise trying to stress purity, sustainability and authenticity of made in Italy food, conveying its excellence in all its aspects. Excellence is the theme linking Beatrice Ughi, Paul Greenberg and Ciccio Sultano who – even if in different scopes – everyday walk through good food-oriented paths of taste, roads that inevitably and fortunately sometimes converge.”

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