The City Cooks – Tomato Miracles

The City Cook

Today, on Kate’s The City Cook: “Just as I was wondering what might snap me out of my cooking doldrums I received a package from Beatrice and Martina at Gustiamo, a Bronx-based food wholesaler that also sells retail on-line. These women are warm and engaging in the way that when you meet them you want them to always be your friends. And they are passionate about their work, bringing artisanal Italian foods to the U.S. I opened the small box to find a jar and a tin, each containing Italian tomatoes…..”

Read the whole article here (it’s in the middle of the page). Are we blushing? You bet! I also particularly loved my tomato sauce recipe and Kate’s comments that “My (her) tomato risotto (with our tomatoes) was one of the best I’ve ever made or eaten”. And the rice she used? Arborio. Kate, we should talk about it.

Thank you so much!