100% san marzano

Sabatino Abagnale grows San Marzano tomatoes. But not any kind of tomato. He grows Miracles. He uses his own seeds Smec 20 and makes 2.5 kilos of tomatoes per plant. For you to understand the difference, you must know that everybody else uses the commercial and more prolific C3 seeds which produces 10 kilos of tomatoes per plant, with much tougher skin and easier to work with machines. When harvest time comes, end of august and September, Sabatino personally goes and hand picks his perfectly riped tomatoes once a week.

Now, the cherry on the cake: Sabatino just informed us his Miracolo received the results of the DNA test: 100% san marzano genes!!! No other san marzano tomato can claim such a pedigree. Bravo Sabatino!