Pomodoro Piennolo – Casa Barone Farm

After all the recent publicity given to the Miracolo di San Gennaro, the Piennolo screams: what am I, chopped liver?

Ok, now it’s your turn in the spotlights, Piennolo. A vine tomato which grows on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius National Park, the Piennolo is protected by the Slow Food Presidia. In Neapolitan, Piennolo, means “appeso” in Italian, “hanging” in English. This, because in the winter, in Naples, the tomatoes are stored in the home attics hanging from the ceiling, kind of like a prosciutto. Nothing can better explain the word Piennolo more than the charming video below. Click on the arrow to watch it.

And here is the hero of the Piennolo story, Giovanni Marino of Casa Barone Farm. He saved the Piennolo tomato from extinction and packs the tomatoes in jars, only for us. Grazie Giovanni!