Pasta Latini and Miracolo di San Gennaro – A Worthy Pair!

Gustiamo Italy's Best FoodFrancis Lam cooks his pasta al pomodoro with Pasta Latini and Miracolo di San Gennaro tomatoes and he writes on Read here his post:  Yeah, It’s Worth It.  Thank you Francis!

Interesting to read the reactions of Francis’ readers in their comments to the post. Is it worth it to pay top dollars for exceptional food? We want you to try these products, taste the differrence and tell us what you think. Until february 15th Pasta Latini and Miracolo di San Gennaro are 50% off if you write in the “special instrucions” box of your shopping cart the special code “Francis sent me”.

Remember, we want you to try and not stock your pantry; therefore, max 2 pieces of each per order!

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  1. Lin Adamian says:

    definitely worth its high price!

  2. Chef Andrea says:

    Certo che li vale!

  3. Stefano Riccioletti - Executive Chef Vento Trattoria, NYC says:

    Assuming that the cooks’ skills are same, the best dish will the one where better ingredients are used. If we are talking about grilled medium fat tuna versus frozen or prime beef versus select, only an idiot cook wouldn’t be able to celebrate the difference in a substantial way.
    In Italian cooking if a house wife knows how to cook orecchiette with broccoli rape (all in the same water) and the professional doesn’t, the second might have the best hand made pasta in the whole word, still he wouldn’t stand a chance to compete.
    I have been disappointed many times by supposedly “great” 100% Arabic coffee prepared by amateurs compared to African, less precious ones, being executed with love.
    Passion for detail, value of traditions, knowledge distilled from generation to generation through centuries should be more often part of what we export.
    My answer is: our food worth its high price only if we make it into a cultural experience.

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